Team Skate

and always with much LOVE and appreciation.

By 2001 skateboarding had gained in such popularity, that more participants under the age of 18 rode skateboards (10.6 million) than played baseball (8.2 million), although traditional organized team sports still dominated youth programs overall. Skateboarding and skateparks began to be viewed and used in a variety of new ways to compliment academic lessons in schools, including new non-traditional physical education skateboarding programs, like Skatepass and Skateistan that are used to encourage youth to have better attendance, self-discipline and confidence. This was also based on the healthy physical opportunities skateboarding was understood to bring participants for muscle & bone strengthening, balance and the positive impacts it can have on youth in teaching them mutual respect, social networking, artistic expression and an appreciation of the environment.

Team Skate LLC. strives to build the highest quality product for all your skateboarding needs. Whether you are a seasoned warrior with questions or are new to the sport or need to purchase for a family member give us a call. We pride ourselves in being approachable and friendly. We are a company that skateboards for the love of the sport and it shows in our products and service.